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    ‘Alejandro Zambra & Megan McDowell’
    Entradas | €3

    El 4 de June Entradas Limitadas | Limited Tickets - 40

    Precio: 3€ - reembolsado con cualquier libro de Zambra (+ tote incluida, por supuesto) €3 - reimbursed with any Zambra book (+ free tote, of course)*
    We invite Alejandro Zambra and his translator Megan McDowell to sign at our Feria booth before a bilingual reading at Desperate Literature! Invitamos a Alejandro Zambra y a su traductora Megan McDowell a firmar en nuestra caseta de la Feria antes de una lectura bilingüe en Desperate Literature.
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    My Life as a Godard Movie:
    Joanna Walsh in conversation with Lara Alonso Corona

    AFTER THE EVENT WE'LL BE HAVING A SCREENING but as there are limited places, we're asking for reservations here* *PLEASE NOTE, this is just for the screening. Entry to the reading is free and not ticketed! ABOUT THE EVENT: Please join Joanna Walsh at Desperate Literature for a reading from her new book, 'My Life as a Godard Movie', a meditation on beauty, fashion, desire, politics, youth, art, and Paris, via the 1960s films of Jean-Luc Godard. The reading will be followed by a brief discussion led by Lara Alonso Corona and then a private screening (limited numbers for screening). ENTRY FREE! As Joanna Walsh watches the films of Jean-Luc Godard, she considers beauty and desire in life and in art. “There’s a resistance, in Godard’s women,” writes Walsh, “that is at the heart of his work (and theirs).” Captivated by the Paris of his films and the often porous border between the city presented on screen and the one she inhabits herself, with cool precision, and in language that shines with aphoristic wit, Walsh has crafted an exquisitely intimate portrait of the way attention to works of art becomes attention to changes in ourselves. “It is rare to find a writer who can take such candid pleasure in beauty—the beauty of faces, figures, clothing, and cities—while also querying its injustices. To watch Godard’s films through Joanna Walsh’s eyes is to see envy and appreciation, longing and disavowal, walking hand in hand. This book is a gorgeous complex gesture of criticism.”—Merve Emre, writer and critic. Joanna Walsh is a multidisciplinary writer for print, digital and performance. The author of eleven books (several co-written with AI), her publishers include Semiotext(e), Bloomsbury and Verso. She also works as an editor and university teacher. She is a Markievicz Awardee in the Republic of Ireland and a UK Arts Foundation fellow. She founded and ran the Twitter campaign @read_women (2014-18), described by the New York Times as ‘a rallying cry for equal treatment for women writers’. She currently runs @noentry_arts.
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    Steph Wynn
    A Concert

    Fri 13th January FINALLY RESCHEDULED Limited Tickets - 25
    TICKETS: €5 - Concert + 10% discount on books

    We invite Steph Wynn for an evening of folk and country music, pulling from gospel, blues, Indian mantra, and Eastern European folk.
    As her first time presenting a collection of her music in Madrid, the show will exhibit a mixture of original tunes and covers from those who’ve inspired her.
    Steph Wynn is a singer songwriter from Chicago who has been living in Spain for the past 5 years. She started playing guitar in the parks of Madrid and took her first singing class in an antique lamp store in Lavapies. As a twist of fate, the longer she stayed in Spain the more connected she became to her blues, country and folk roots.