A Learner’s Guide to English Literature

Always wanted to read more English literature, but not really known where to start?

That’s why we made the Desperate Literature guide to learning English through fiction, covering our favourite intermediate-level fiction.  Short, classic reads that span everything from timeless young adult novels to hard-hitting dark comedies. This list is perfect for readers starting at a B1-B2 level.

Each book comes with a glossary of words to unpick the book’s more complicated terminology.

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How do you receive your book?

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When can I collect my subscription?

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What if I’ve read one of the titles in the list?

Just let us know when you receive your book and we can swap it out for you. You can swap THREE titles per 12 month subscription, and TWO titles per 4 month subscription.

❝To have another language is to possess a second soul.❞

 – Charlemagne


There are books for when you’re bored. Plenty of them. There are books for when you’re calm. The best kind, in my opinion. There are also books for when you’re sad. And there are books for when you’re happy. There are books for when you’re thirsty for knowledge. And there are books for when you’re desperate
– Joaquín Font