Subscription: The End of the World: Desperate Literature’s Guide to Dystopia

The Desperate Literature Guide to Dystopia

Desperate Literature presents the very best of the worst, with only a smattering of the titles you’ve (probably) already read.  Everything from ecological disaster to capitalist post-apocolypse, it’s all the modern speculative fiction lover needs to cope with the insanity surrounding us.

Each book comes with a description of why we selected this particular title, threading along some of the internal themes with the subscription as a whole.

The first book comes, of course, with your free DL tote bag and when you sign up via our Patreon you get all our monthly extras!

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Contemporary Latin-American Fiction: FORTHCOMING

Love For Suckers: FORTHCOMING



How do you receive your book?

If you’re in Spain, we’ll send it by GLS for next day delivery.
If you’re outside Spain, we’ll send it through the post-office (delay is between 1-3 weeks, depending where you are in the world).

When can I collect my subscription?

If you want to collect in store, your subscription will be available on the first of every month. Remember, to organize a subcription-to-collect, you need to purchase in store!

What if I’ve read one of the titles in the list?

Just let us know when you receive your book and we can swap it out for you. You can swap THREE titles per 12 month subscription, and TWO titles per 4 month subscription.

“There will come a time when it isn’t ‘They’re spying on me through my phone’ anymore. Eventually, it will be ‘My phone is spying on me’.”

― Philip K. Dick


“Cities controlled by big companies are old hat in science fiction. My grandmother left a whole bookcase of old science fiction novels. The company-city subgenre always seemed to star a hero who outsmarted, overthrew, or escaped “the company.” I’ve never seen one where the hero fought like hell to get taken in and underpaid by the company. In real life, that’s the way it will be. That’s the way it always is.”

― Octavia E. Butler