Desperate Literature was created by and for people who love literature, so when Verity de Cala came along and asked whether she could translate some of this love into a pop-up podcast series, we of course said yes.

Each episode in this mini series is inspired by the intriguing and diverse range of events and people found at this shop in the heart of Madrid. Come and listen in on this world of warmth and unrestrained ideas.


All online content is offered freely, but if you would like to support Desperate Literature during the lockdown, now you can...

EPISODE 1: The open mic night exclusively open to women cis and trans, and LGBTQI+ identified folk. We discuss the importance of one of Desperate Literature’s most popular events.


EPISODE 2 : Annie Schumacher interviews award winning poet David Harsent as part of the Unanmuno Author Series.


EPISODE 3: The shop’s own Annie Schumacher and Terry Craven talk about the work performed at the most recent Unamuno Author series, and what they get up to as part of the team running it.


*Huge thanks to “This Is The Kit” for allowing us to use their beautiful music in this exciting new venture.

Verity de Cala

Creator, producer and co-presenter of the Desperate Literature Podcast.
Verity is student of English Literature and Ancient History, a part time writer, singer and podcast enthusiast who co-founded TGOS podcast series.